7 Profitable Online Casino Games to Play on Mobile Devices

Most of the online casino games aren't equal in terms of gameplay and profit. Some games possess a low house edge while some have a very high one.

Take note that lower house edge means that you'll have more chances to win.

Be sure to look for games that are providing low house edge on mobile online casino games. These online games are mostly similar to the ones we see on physical ones.

We have compiled some of the best games you can easily play in your mobile with shallow house edges and, therefore, more chances of winning.

  1. Backgammon: Best to Play Because of its Many Betting Types

Backgammon has been around for ages, and modern online casino games put a 6.39% to 4.82% house edge on this particular game.

The game allows the players access to three types of bets, which are doubles, jump, and out. Playing this one online is a lot easier with also an added graphic visualization for the players to have a better image of what's happening.

With a reasonably low house edge percentage and many betting types to choose from, backgammon is a must-try for online casino gamers.

  1. Caribbean Stud Poker: The Online Casino Game Similar to Poker

This variant of poker is all about beating the house. Since it is online, there's no more need for bluffing. Online poker casino games are then a lot shorter because this game is only just a watered-down version of poker.

The game, however, promises a minimum of 5% house edge.

  1. Online Single Zero Roulette: Better Chances of Winning

The single zero variants of roulette offer more chances for the player to win by giving a low house edge of 2.5%.

The game is, however, still highly based on luck, so expect some losing scenarios.

  1. Online Slots: The Unpredictable Game Every Gambler Likes

Slots are more on the unpredictable style of gambling, and we mean very unpredictable. Some players may have to get luck for a set period while some lose straight.

The uncertainty of slots is mainly because of its house edge that ranges from 2% to 10%.

  1. Online Baccarat: Easy to Play and Profitable Strategy Game

Baccarat is an easy strategy game that can be picked up by anyone. Those who have enjoyed slots would love the play style of Baccarat. The house edge it offers starts from 1.5%.

  1. Online Craps: Optimized Table Game Performance on Mobile

Craps is one of the perfect table game to play on mobile. Players are often intimidated to try out the game because of its rules that need further understanding.

However, we recommend this one higher if you want to gain more profit, so be sure to study craps right away. The house edge of this particular game ranges from 1.4% to 5%.

  1. Online Blackjack: The Traditional Staple Casino Game

Nothing beats the classic blackjack in terms of gameplay, rules, and house edge. Most blackjack variants are also adding more rules to the original game, including the addition of more decks.

The traditional one, however, still retains the single deck. A strategy is a key to win here, and you must also observe proper win limitations to make a profit out of this online game. Blackjack's house edge is also one of the lowest, which starts at 1.5%.

We highly recommend blackjack for beginners because it is relatively easy to pick up, and its rules are straightforward to understand. In one sitting,  a player can already grasp the basics of online blackjack.

Online games are just the same as their physical casino counterparts. Some games, however, have modified rules to optimize for a better online play. Be sure to get information about online casino games first and know the rules of every game you want to play.