7 Variants of Blackjack Online Game That Gamblers Must Know

Blackjack online game owns the title of being the most popular casino card game. It mostly relies on skill and practice to win more. That's why we can quickly point out that veterans are mostly the ones who are earning more oaut of it.

But blackjack still has a lot of luck elements. The game would also start to become a profitable hobby when you understand every part of it. Developing your strategy or relying on someone else's would also increase your chances of winning.

With its demand, a lot of casinos now include many variants of the blackjack game in their establishments. We will have a brief overview of the popular blackjack variants.

  1. Progressive Blackjack Variant: Increase in Player Stake

This type focuses more on increasing stakes for the players in the table. Progressive blackjack online game shares some rules and playstyle from the classic and original blackjack.

  1. European Blackjack Variant: Uses More Than One Deck of Cards

The European approach, when it comes to blackjack, is different, which includes the use of two decks. Players receive two cards that are faced down, while the dealer gets a face-up card.

The dealer has an additional card on face down position that is called the hole card. It will only show when the player makes a move.

  1. Atlantic City Blackjack Variant: 8 Decks of Cards in Play

Atlantic City variant uses more deck than the standard game. The dealer uses a total of eight decks of cards. It would also allow the dealer to see his hole card and make a call for soft 17.

Players are allowed to go surrender or choose insurance.

  1. Spanish 21 Blackjack Variant: Removal of 10s in the Decks

The number of decks for the Spanish 21 ranges from 6-8.

All cards that are valued ten is not on the duration of the match. Forty-eight pieces of cards are then the only remaining ones, which creates an increase in house edge.

The dealer may look at the facedown card and may win if it results in a 21 or blackjack. Just like the Atlantic City, the two options of surrendering and choosing insurance is also available.

Surrendering may also occur after doubling down to help the players increase their chance of winning.

  1. Blackjack Online Game Switch Variant: More Chances of Winning for Players

In this game, players are allowed to change their cards over a pair of a new ones. Two hands of cards are then possible to reach players. Players may also see the cards because they will be dealt with on a face-up position, therefore allowing players to have more chances of success when it comes to switching.

  1. Vegas Strip Blackjack Variant: Giving Useful Tools to Players

Like many blackjack online game types, the dealer is allowed to peek on the facedown card. Vegas strip blackjack dealers are using four decks to play the game.

Many in-game variations are also made, including allowing the players to double down after splitting aces. Splitting of the cards may also happen up to 3 times.

  1. Pontoon Blackjack Variant: Provides a Unique Name and Gameplay

Pontoon mainly changes the names of the blackjack itself and the in-game terms. It mostly plays just like the Spanish 21, which also removes the 10s on the decks.

These different types of blackjack games allow gamblers to choose what they prefer. Some games are also innovative, providing a new or fresh experience for players who loves blackjack online game.