About Us

The founders of Goinventive started the project from scratch and were dependent on their own talent, ambition, and volunteer-friends to make their vision a reality. The challenges they faced included language barriers and no feasible way to gain an audience quickly. Despite these obstacles, they persevered and are now one of the most popular gaming portals in the world. They are living proof that a good business idea can come from hard work and patience.

If you’re looking for unbiased information about online casinos, look no further than Goinventive. Its extensive database of reviews and player opinions will help you choose the best online casino. With its patented complaint system, it’s the world’s most powerful casino player advocate. Not only that, but it also honors the best online casinos with its Certificate of Trust, which makes them the world’s most reputable online casinos. Its innovative subscription system includes live notifications for casino representatives and enhanced subscription options.

In recent years, Goinventive has expanded its focus from its popular gambling community to its own casino portal. With its free automated complaints system, Goinventive has emerged as one of the world’s most trusted online gambling destinations. Today, it boasts more than seven million monthly page views, 80,000 newsletter subscribers, and a profit of over EUR six-million at the beginning of this year. In 2017, Goinventive was acquired by Catena Media, a Serbian technology company.

It supports blacklisted casinos

The question of whether Goinventive supports blacklisted online casinos is a valid one. In its blacklist, we’ve included those online gambling websites that consistently fail to deliver what their customers expect. These sites have been accused of rigging games, not paying winners, and compromising player privacy. So, should you play at these casinos? Yes. Read on to find out more. Let’s look at a few reasons why.

First of all, blacklisted casinos don’t offer a fair gambling experience. They’re unlicensed and may be a scam. You’ll find it difficult to withdraw your winnings from these casinos. If you’re unsure about a particular casino, check the website’s Terms and Conditions. You can even file a chargeback. Nevertheless, this might be an overly complicated process. You can try looking for other sites on the Internet.

Secondly, blacklisted casinos are notorious for poor customer service. Players report poor customer support and inconsistent payment times. Support staff is often vague and unhelpful. You might also have to wait 15 or 18 days for withdrawals, even after winning a progressive jackpot! Lastly, the minimum deposit amounts are low and monthly limits are unreasonable. Lastly, blacklisted casinos don’t allow withdrawals of your winnings until you have won a significant amount.

Thirdly, blacklisted casinos have poor customer service and bad business practices. The Affactive Group, for example, was notorious for its scamming practices and unethical practices. Players continued to sign up for Affactive casinos despite the negative reviews. Then, Israeli law enforcement arrested the owners of the company. If you’re planning to play at such a casino, it’s best to avoid it.

It hosts a charity night

Each year, Goinventive hosts a special charity night to raise money for the charity of your choice. This year, the event will be virtual due to COVID-19. Players can still vote for their favourite online casino or slot. But this year, there will be a few new awards, too! For example, Goinventive will give away awards for the best new casino or slot. And a charity night is never a bad thing, especially when the proceeds of the event will be going to a good cause!

The lingo and rules of casino gambling can make it intimidating for those unfamiliar with it. The unwritten codes of conduct make it difficult for newcomers to understand. But there are many charity nights that teach the rules of casino gaming to novice players. You will be glad you went! Even better, you’ll learn more about the game by meeting people who have been there and made it their own. There’s no better way to learn than to participate in one yourself!

Organizers of charity gambling events should consult local law enforcement authorities and legal experts before deciding on any specific rules. They must also ensure that the charity doesn’t violate any laws regarding gambling. Don’t forget to contact the IRS to confirm your 501(c)(3) status. A charity night is not a good idea if you intend to employ experienced card dealers. So, be careful and make sure you do your homework before hosting an event!

Charitable gaming nights are a unique opportunity to give back to your community. They’re the perfect place to try new games. And if you’re a poker player, charity poker events are an excellent way to make a difference. And since you’re playing for a good cause, winning isn’t that important. Although you’ll probably still be hoping to hit 21 or cash your single number wager, you’ll be playing with a more relaxed attitude.